A wide variety of aircraft and helicopters are based at City Airport /Barton Aerodrome.

We are developing a database of all based aircraft, together with a photo and you can find this on our “Photo Album” page and then look for the “Based Aircraft” album, where you will find the aircraft listed by registration order.

To pilots and aviation enthusiasts / photographers all aircraft are interesting. Below you will see some photographs and details of some of the more interesting ones based here. We will amend this page on a regular basis so that a variety of aircraft are covered.

Reims-Cessna F172H G-AWVA Photo Peter Smith

The humble Cessna 172 holds the world record for the longest production run for any aircraft. The first one being flown in 1955 and to date over 45,000 examples have been built. The aircraft is still in Production and in 2019 Cessna delivered 126 new machines. G-AWVA is owned by a group of pilots, including our Chairman Peter Smith and is affectionately known as “Victor Alpha”. This aircraft was built in France by Reims Aviation and in 2018 had it’s 50th Birthday.

Auster 5 J/1 G-AJEE Photo by Tony Gothard

Auster Aircraft Ltd was formed in 1946 in Leicester and G-AJEE was built the same year, so is one of the oldest aircraft based at Barton. The Auster aircraft used a metal frame that was covered by fabric. It is a taildragger design with a high wing and can carry up to 4 people.

Luscombe 8E G-AJKB Photo by Michael Oldham

Luscombe Aircraft was an American company formed in 1933. G-AJKB is an 1946 example, so same age the Auster detailed above. The condition of this aircraft is superb, it looks as good as it did when it came off the production line 74 years ago. This is also a high wing taildragger, but with two seats.

Jodel D112 – G-BEZZ Photo by Steve Petter

The name Jodel was formed by start of the surnames of their founders, namely Edouard Joly & Jean Delemontez. The company was formed in France and built a range of wooden aircraft that were unusual in having “bent” wings. Their aircraft were taildragger designs and was also built under licence by various other French companies. Their aircraft are popular for touring but the wooden and fabric construction means that they have to be kept under cover as much as possible. G-BEZZ is a 1954 example and is a two seater.

CASA 1-131 Jungmann G-CHII Photo by Iain Jackson

The Bucker Jungmann is a German designed Bi-plane dating back to the 1930s. It was the primary training aircraft for Luftwaffe pilots in World War Two. It was also used for aerobatics. G-CHII is an 1957 example that was built in Spain, under licence, by CASA. It is a tailwheel design with a open tandem cockpit.

Vans Kit Aircraft

Vans is an American company that leads the world with Aircraft that are provided in a kit format for building at home. To date over 10,000 examples have been built and flown worldwide. There are thousands more currently being built. They are all metal aircraft and available in various layouts (two or four seats, tri-cycle undercarriage or tailwheel, side by side or tandem seating). It is therefore no surprise that a number of these are based at Barton and below you will see photographs of some of these.

Vans RV-6 G-CIFL – Tailwheel design with two side-by-side seats.
Vans RV-7 G-DVMI – Larger version of the RV-6 shown above
Vans RV-6A G-RKID – an RV-6 with Tri-cycle undercarriage
Vans RV-8 G-CCIR a tailwheel deign with tandem seating